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Recommendations for Pond Setup

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A pond offers serenity in any backyard. Whether the pond houses aquatic plants or fish or both, planning is key.

Consider the location. Aquatic plants need a minimum of eight hours of sunlight. Avoiding overly shady areas is also a good idea, as the fallen leaves and debris from trees and shrubs can overtake the pond.

Pond filters and pumps require electricity to run, so make sure that pond placement is close to a reliable electrical source. Pumps and filters are mandatory for small ponds with fish because they prevent build-up of ammonia and other harmful waste by-products.

Insects and animals will be drawn to the pond. To avoid stagnant water, which can harbor pesky mosquitos, add a feature that will create water movement, such as a waterfall. Bear in mind the depth of the pond if it will be inhabiting fish. Deeper ponds make it more difficult for raccoons or cats to reach the fish.

A Pond Kit makes pond setup a breeze, so consult a pet supplier for advice.
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Pond Setup

Thinking of adding a water feature to your backyard? Ponds bring serenity and beauty. Whether the pond will be strictly for aquatic plants or if you wish to house fish such as koi or goldfish, careful planning is key.
Location. Most varieties of aquatic plants require a full day of sunlight. Choose a sunny area. Select a spot that isn’t near trees or shrubs that shed leaves, as they will clog the filter. Access to a source of electricity to run the pond pump and/or filter is required.
Filtration. This is especially important if keeping fish, which produce ammonia waste by-products as they breathe, excrete and urinate. Ammonia is toxic to fish and can also cause algae to grow in the pond.
Water MovementMosquitos gravitate towards stagnant water, so make sure that the pond water moves, whether through a waterfall feature and/or a power pump. As an added benefit, water turbulence helps aerate the pond with oxygen.
Curious CrittersWhether you’re in the city or the country, animals such as cats, birds and raccoons will be attracted to the pond. If you are keeping fish, make sure the pond contains plants and is sufficiently deep, so that the fish can shelter themselves and remain out of reach of any potential hungry attackers.
Climate. If you live in a place that has snowy, cold winters, do you have an indoor aquarium into which the pond fish can be transferred? Some fish can go dormant over winter, provided that the pond is deep enough to withstand a full freeze, but you will need to check and make holes in the surface ice, so that oxygen can continue to get into the water.
For ease, consider a Pond Kit. Not only will this contain all the equipment you will need to get started such as liner, skimmer and filter but Pond set up will be easier to dig into as well.